Completing our wellness courses, an essay, and an oral examination will earn you a certification as a wellness coach for One Century Wellness. We’ll help you build your own community of One Century Wellness members, and educate and spread the word about living healthier, longer lives. Medical professionals who become One Century Wellness Certified Coaches are welcome to contact us to discuss employment opportunities.

Here’s a brief description of our courses:

Course One: Longevity Measured

This course explains how telomere testing can show you your true biological age, which offers a perspective of how well we’ve aged compared with our chronological age. This course also explains heart calcium scanning, an extremely important test that can show blockage in the heart and possibly prevent premature death from heart attack.

Course Two: Longevity Extended

This course teaches how lifestyle, relationships, food and nutrition can extend the lifespan considerably. Course Two also explains how the One Century Wellness teaching principals can create a successful longevity lifestyle.

Other Services that will be available to you as a wellness coach include:

Online Services

We issue a monthly newsletter with assistance for coaches, including ideas for meetings of support groups, information and articles on relationships, diet and nutrition, and comments from other coaches. Your member/clients will be sent a monthly newsletter from One Century Wellness that includes similar information on nutrition, lifestyle and activity/exercise.

Master Coach Training

Our instruction for master wellness coach certification involves more in-depth coursework and assistance from our own master coaches. This coursework can be conducted either online or in person, and candidates will be guided thoroughly through the process at their own pace. This coursework is fairly intensive, but our trainers are nurturing and ready to work with candidates as they progress, adjusting the schedule for the work and life schedule. It’s a flexible program, but provides you with everything you will need for a successful career in wellness coaching. You will receive a One Century Wellness master coach certificate that will enable you to coach coaches and also work more intensively with larger groups and corporate clientele.

With your master wellness coach certificate, you will be authorized to assist and recruit other wellness coaches for One Century Wellness, too. By doing this, you will receive a percentage of the profits from products and services provided to the members of the coaches you have recruited.

Coursework Pricing:

1. Course 1: Longevity Measured – $250
2. Course 2: Longevity Extended – $250
3. Online Services – $250
4. Master Wellness Coach Training – $500