Invest in Longevity. Build a longer life and financial wealth.

The teachings and practices of One Century Wellness are based on the daily lives of people who live to be 100 years old and longer. These people are never overweight or obese, almost never have cancer, diabetes, or heart disease, and enjoy a high quality of life even into their golden years. They have something else in common too: A structure within their DNA that Nobel Prize-winning science has shown to correlate to longevity, which retains its youthful length much longer among these centenarians.
The 4 Pillars of Longevity that all these folks share are:

A Diet Made Up of Surprisingly Similar Foods
• A Moderate Exercise Routine
• Successful Stress Management Tools
• Strong Social Support Groups

Using the information from these studies and groundbreaking science, One Century Wellness has created the most versatile wellness program on the market. Our certified medical professionals are trained to ensure that the journey of aging is marked by vibrancy, and that corporate healthcare costs are reduced by focusing on proactive measures which create both health and abundance for individuals and companies alike.
We are here to provide the pathway and tools that can extend the quality and longevity of life significantly, and boost employee health and wellness to create a productive and successful team!

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Find out how One Century Wellness can help your organization integrate our well-rounded Wellness Program into your existing healthcare plan, the enormous benefits to your company of doing so, and the inspirational background behind our scientifically-structured approach to wellness. And check out our coursework for those wishing to become One Century Wellness Certified Health Coaches and lead others to healthier, more vibrant, and longer lives.

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When you join our Corporate Wellness Program, you’ll have access to the most comprehensive wellness program on the market. We provide baseline telomere and heart calcium testing referrals, in-depth integration support, and strategies for ensuring employee participation. Our experienced team of Certified Wellness Coaches offer extensive training in cutting-edge Diet, Exercise, Stress Management, and Support Services that assist your company in increasing longevity, productivity, and wellness. Program participants have access to email, phone, and chat room support along with a monthly newsletter that includes information on nutrition, lifestyle, and activities to increase health and wellbeing.

One Century Wellness Corporate Program

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Our Executive Wellness Program delves into a deeper level of knowledge to assist leaders with integrating our Proven Lifestyle Path into their busy lives. The unique three-tiered strategy we utilize is aimed at catapulting leaders’ own health and productivity, while uplifting your teams with an “attitude” of success. With healthy leaders at the realm, productivity rises while costs decrease. This leads to a more cohesive, supportive, and successful company culture.

One Century Wellness Executive Program

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By becoming a One Century Wellness certified coach, you will have the opportunity to work for one of the most innovative thought leaders in the wellness industry. One Century Wellness has a comprehensive support system for our Certified Wellness Coaches, including ideas on marketing to our clients, themes for group meetings, a supportive staff to assist you, and sources for telomere and wellness testing. Our certification courses will help you ingrain our lifestyle teachings into your interactions with our Corporate and Executive Wellness Program participants, and assist you in presenting our Proven Lifestyle Path to those you coach. As a One Century Wellness Certified Coach, you will have a multitude of resources at your fingertips to ensure that you are successful in leading our clients to longevity!

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